apricot balls using fresh apricots

Homemade Apricot Jam Recipe is stupid easy: Never Buy Again! Once rolled in coconut, this sweet treat will get snatched up by everyone! Fact: grilled desserts are the … Mix on high for 1 minute or until mixture is finely processed – it’s ok if it’s a little bit chunky. Healthy dairy free snacks. It is easy to eat large amounts at a time, which can result in excess sugar and calorie intake. Puree the apricots in a blender or food processor until smooth. With wet hands, roll mixture into small ball and coat with extra coconut. Squeeze orange, some for recipe some for drinking! Perfect for lunchboxes, you need just three ingredients to make these delicious energy bites. Place the coated bliss balls into an airtight container and place into the fridge to chill for one hour. Try our delicious recipes for apricot tart, jam and cake. We don't eat jams and jellies, but I have sure been turning them out this summer. Pour the mixture into a dish; refrigerate until firm (about 30-45 minutes). Finely chop the … These delicious, 4 ingredient, no-cooking, absolutely irresistible apricot bliss balls make a perfect snack for when you are on the go! Chop the apricots. Dip each ball … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In Season: Apricot season lasts less than two months, from about mid-May to early July. Use your hands to roll 1 tbsp sized balls, then roll … Place 1 cup of desiccated coconut into a small bowl and set aside. MAKES ABOUT 30 – 50 BALLS (Depending on size) Preparation Time: 5 minutes. Add the 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk; process until combined. I do use apricot jam throughout the year as glazes in many of my favourite recipes, and this is the one jam that Vanja loves on palacinka! Healthy vegan bliss balls are nut free, packed full of tangy apricot flavour and free from refined sugars, perfect for both kids and adults alike.Ready in less than 5 minutes, store these apricot, coconut and date bliss balls … You can then store them in the fridge … Use a food processor, blender or Thermomix to chop the apricots into fine pieces. Apricot, almond and orange bliss balls 1 Place apricots, ground almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut and orange zest in a food processor and process until the mixture is like fine crumbs. … 3. a food processor and process for 1–2 minutes or until the mixture comes together. Add the orange and coconut to chopped apricots and mix well until combined, should come together and be sticky enough to roll into balls, you may need to add a little more orange juice. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Place the almonds, vanilla, coconut oil, LSA mix, chia seeds, half the desiccated coconut and 1 cup (150g) of the apricots in. Stir. Little fuzzy pink-hued golden apricots … Place additional coconut or finely chopped pecans in a shallow bowl. https://www.fusioncraftiness.com/easy-apricot-chutney-recipe Apricot Balls recipe. Use a spoon to scoop up the mixture and roll into balls before placing the bliss balls into the bowl with the extra coconut to coat. Sweet, scrumptious apricots are in season through spring and summer (and luckily, the dried variety is available all year round). Add the 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk; process until combined. To make these chewy sweet apricot bites, you can either chop the apricots into small pieces or as we did use the food processor. Dried Apricots are combined with Crushed Cookies and Condensed Milk to create delicious balls. How to make Coconut Apricot Energy Balls Add all the energy ball ingredients to a food processor and pulse until it forms a sticky dough. 2. Shape apricot mixture into balls (about 1-inch in diameter). Add vanilla essence and mix until blended. Energy Balls that use dried fruit, like these Apricot Balls, are sweet and energy-dense. Roll the “apricot dough” into balls. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Nut-Free Apricot Balls. Pour the mixture into a dish; refrigerate until firm (about 30-45 minutes). Drain well, discard the water and add apricots to a food mixer or chop finely with sharp knife. Grilled Maple-Butter Apricots with Vanilla Ice Cream. These Coconut Apricot Energy Balls are a nutrient-dense snack. Apricots are a juicy summer fruit perfect for desserts like puddings and cobblers. These apricot recipes will have you baking fresh pies and cakes, combining apricots with savory meats in your slow cooker and oven, making muffins and quick breads, and preserving the fresh fruit in jars to enjoy when summer is long over. These Apricot Bliss Balls can be made in 30 minutes, are free from refined sugar, contain just 8 ingredients, are super easy to make and are bursting with tangy apricot flavour, nutty cashews and coconut. What to Look For: For the best flavor, seek out local fruit, and look for those that are deep orange, fairly plump, and soft enough to yield to gentle pressure (but not mushy). Log in. Apricots: vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, fiber, potassium, catechins (the same anti-inflammatory nutrient found in green tea) Dates: selenium, copper, zinc, fiber, vitamin B6 When ripe, their flesh is sweet, soft and juicy. Pulse. Add 150g chopped apricots, 50g raisins and 1 tbsp maple or agave syrup (if using). Pour into a bowl and set in freezer … Vegan recipes. How to Store: If unripe, place apricots in a paper bag at room temperature for one to two days. Pulse a couple of times to combine. Break up date ball with hands and add in apricots, coconut, … If you are looking for a nut-free apricot ball then you can simply replace the cashew nuts with oats. Once you have your mixture, all you need to do is roll the mixture into small balls, then roll through the extra coconut. Microwave 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips and 2 teaspoons all-vegetable shortening in uncovered microwave-safe bowl on HIGH power 1 minute. When I spotted apricots at the farmer’s market recently, I realized I’ve never shared a single recipe that used fresh apricots. And I thought it was time to change that! These apricot balls are delicious and so easy to make, just process and roll into small balls, warning, you better make lots they are very addictive lol! CHOCOLATE-DIPPED APRICOT COCONUT BALLS: Prepare recipe as directed above but shape into 3/4-inch balls and do not roll in powdered sugar. Recipe: Nut Free Apricot Coconut Bliss Balls Nut Free Apricot Coconut Bliss Balls Recipe - The perfect healthy snack, these dried fruit balls are nut free, gluten free and raw vegan friendly. 15.7 g 5 %. Combine all ingredients in food processor. Place wax paper on a baking sheet; set aside. Transfer apricot, walnuts, raisins, almonds, flaxseeds, coconut, and cinnamon powder to a food processor. Enjoy them as is … Add coconut, Cashews (and almonds if using) and orange zest and combine for 1-2 minutes until … healthy vegan recipes, vegan recipes with only 2 ingredients, easy vegan recipes, simple vegan recipes, fast vegan recipes, vegan food blog. Apricot and Coconut Balls | IMG Recipes| Share Your Favorite Recipes, Cooking Tips & Food Images, Caramelised Apple and Fennel Pork Sausage Rolls Recipe. 4. So I bought enough to make some delicious Apricot Pecan Quick Bread. Apricot Balls Recipe Ingredients. Find more than 270 apricot recipes including canned, fresh or dried varieties. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Roll tablespoons of apricot mix into small balls, using your hands, until smooth. Let’s take a look at what you’re getting in from these portable snack-a-roos. In a food processor chop apricots and coconut until thoroughly combined. Total Carbohydrate METHOD. Vegan snacks for kids. Perfect for lunchboxes, mid morning snacks, after dinner munchies and post workout nibbles, these bliss balls are the perfect portable snack. To a food processor, add apricots, dates, almond meal, coconut and coconut oil. In a food processor chop apricots and coconut until thoroughly combined. Vegan apricot balls recipe. Transfer to a bowl. Fresh apricots are loose-stoned fruit that range in colour from pale yellow to flushed pink. You’ll need about 8 apricots … This is to roll the Place 100g mixed nuts in a food processor and pulse until you have the consistency of breadcrumbs. Place dates in the food processor or high-speed blender and process until they have broken up and come together into a ball. Vegetarian recipes.

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