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You can put sugar cane fibre disposable plates, bowls etc in your green bin to be composted. Empty as required. Cardboard-like packaging made from sugar cane fibre can be added to your home compost bin. Reuse plastic bags of any kind (bread, milk, grocery, and retail bags) as a bagging option for organic waste and dog feces. © RTÉ 2020. Put organic waste in the green bin, but keep inorganic materials like glass, metal, and plastic out. Peppermint oil, cayenne, chili pepper or hot sauce can deter animals from taking an interest in your Green Bin. Paper. baby wipes, make-up remover wipes). Always leave the lock in the vertical locked position. If maggots appear in the green bin, a fly has laid eggs on some exposed food waste. Please review their details and accept them to load the content.Manage Preferences. Wrap in newspaper or use a paper liner available at local retailers if the material is wet, or. All Kirklees residents can have a green bin for recyclables which is emptied every two weeks. Mineral, Water & Detergent Bottles PET1, HDPE2, PP) All must be clean and dry Brown Bin (Organics) a Coffee grounds & filters a Cooked & raw foods a Dairy products a Eggs & egg shells a Fruits, vegetables & peelings All food, including produce, grains, dairy, and meat; Prepared food (leftovers) Shells (egg shells, seafood shells) and bones; Small amounts of fat, oil, and grease Examples include: Check with your municipality to confirm what exactly can go in your green bin. We use YouTube to manage extra content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activity. The following items are accepted in your green bin: Cartons – e.g. Please bring your broken green bin in to the locations above for a … This will reduce waste to landfill, as well as the impact your waste has on the environment. All drinks and food cans, plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and cartons should be washed out before placing in green bins/bags to avoid contamination. Put them in your residential recycling. If your green bin is broken, set it aside and do not use. If it doesn't go through, it may have a coating or plastic liner, and should go in the garbage. What Goes in the Green Bin? A useful reminder of what you can put in your green bin in Kirklees. contact your municipality or waste hauler. Please do your part to help the city of Modesto reach this goal. Use the Put these items in the green bin. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. Green Bin The City of Stratford has launched a green bin program as a way of diverting kitchen waste and other organic materials from the City’s landfill site. If you do not have a green bin, Use these tips to reduce food waste. RTÉ.ie is the website of Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Ireland's National Public Service Media. The Barna Recycling Blue Bin is for recycling house hold waste. The contents of the bin … Make sure your materials are not packed too tightly or they will not fall out of the green cart during pickup. Green Bin (Recyclables) a Paper a Cardboard a Food Tins a Drinks Cans a Tetra Pak Cartons (E.g. A green bin is a large, movable, rigid plastic or metal container that contains biodegradable waste or compostable materials as a means to divert waste from landfills. Please review their details and accept them to load the content. The below items can NOT be placed into the recycling bin: We need your consent to load this YouTube contentWe use YouTube to manage extra content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activity. If the grease goes through, it's safe for the green bin. Put salt or vinegar on maggots to kill them. contacting your municipality or waste hauler. spoiled fruits & vegetables only. To help you figure out what goes where, use the below tests: If you get a paper takeout container, do the grease test. What goes in my Blue Bin? It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Customers receive a green cart for their green waste. Pick up an extra green bin for no charge at the locations listed above. Must be uncooked and whole. If your green bin is broken, set it aside and do not use. It is important that your recycling is kept dry and your recycling bin lid is kept closed. Waste Wizard tool on their website to find out if you should recycle them with your containers or paper, or take them to a depot. A lot of food-soiled paper-products are compostable, but not recyclable with clean papers. Cardboard. Turn it one way to lock it, and the other way to unlock it. Please contribute to the recycling circle by placing loose yard waste materials in your charcoal gray 96-gallon greenwaste container alongside your trash and recycling carts on your regularly scheduled service day. Leave them out of your green bin to be safe, unless specifically allowed by your municipality or service provider. Annacis Research Centre Leasing & Booking, Metrotower III, 4730 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 0C6. It won't be safe for collection staff to empty. What to put in your green bin/kerbside box. Make sure you also know what items can’t be composted. Residents who have contaminated their green waste with non-recyclable rubbish receive a yellow warning sticker on their bin from an advisor. Your green bin contents are made into compost and which is used in parks across the City. Use compost kitchen caddies and compostable liners purchased through Council to collect your kitchen scraps before placing them in the green bin. If your paper bag has cellulose on the inside, it gets the green light for the green bin. To reduce odours and mess, line your green bin and kitchen catcher with paper based liner bags or Certified Compostable plastic bags. Banbridge. This program has the potential to capture 70% of all residential waste with no additional cans or trucks needed! Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Your green bin is used for dry mixed recyclable waste. Fruits and vegetables, including only fruits or vegetables grown in your yard/garden that are whole, uneaten, and unprepared. If it’s lined with plastic (even plastic labelled “compostable” or “biodegradable”), put it in the garbage. Wrap vegetable scraps in newspaper. GREEN BIN YARD WASTE. Some wrapping paper (do the scrunch test to be sure). Simply print this article out and keep it in your kitchen as a handy reference. Craigavon. All other food and food scraps should be placed in the black bin for proper disposal unless you are part of the Curb Your Food Waste pilot program. The cart can take: Food Scraps: Meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, breads, eggshells and nutshells, coffee grounds, and tea bags. It won't be safe for collection staff to empty. Your green bin has a special lock. Green bin changes. We have changed some of the items to put in your bins, See the changes to your bins below or download our Fife Recycling Guide attached to this page. Many types of food containers and packaging are made of more than one material, and these are the items that can be the most confusing. Please make sure that the approved liner bag can support its contents. Address 4410 W. Piedras Dr. San Antonio, TX 78228 Phone 210.207.6428 School Books (If They Cannot Be Donated Or Reused), Toilet Roll Tubes (Please remove any plastic inserts from cardboard boxes before placing into bin), Empty Deodorant Cans (Plastic Lid Separate), Nappies and Sanitary Products (including baby wipes), Contaminated Packaging (greasy, dirty or with residue), Textiles – including clothes/shoes and home furnishings, Glass – bring this to your local bring bank, Electrical and Electronic Equipment i.e. Don’t put soil, stone or rubble, or building materials – this will make the bin … Food. This lock stops animals and insects from opening the bin. Find out what you can put in individual kerbside collections, communal bin collections and city centre collections. All food scraps, yard waste and pet waste can go in the green cart. – milk, juice, soup. Diapers can continue to go in the Green Bin. Panda Waste Management - recycling in Dublin, Louth and Meath - recycling, bin collection, waste management for homes and businesses in Ireland The new recycling list To provide the best user experience, this website stores cookies on your browser. Squashing them will give you extra space in your bin. If you have questions about a specific item, you can also try The following list includes examples of items that do not belong in the green bin. All food, including produce, grains, dairy, and meat, Shells (egg shells, seafood shells) and bones, Food-soiled newsprint (often used to line a kitchen catcher), Wooden chopsticks, skewers, popsicle sticks, Cotton swabs and balls, make-up remover pads, Plastic bags and plastic-lined bags, even those marked “biodegradable” or “compostable”, Plastic containers and plastic cutlery, even those marked “biodegradable” or “compostable”, Produce stickers (PLU stickers), even those marked “biodegradable” or “compostable”, Wipes (e.g. Hose out your bin onto the garden or lawn after it is emptied. Plastic Containers (Containers Should Be Empty). Please bring your broken green bin in to the locations above for a replacement. Bin material changes. When your Blue Bin is collected by Barna Recycling it is taken our recovery facility where it undergoes a strict process of segregation to separate the materials in preparation for re-use. Ask the Waste Wizard to find out where and how to properly dispose of an item. WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – anything with a battery or a plug) can contain hazardous components and should not be placed into any household or business premise bin. Armagh. The following items are no longer recycled in the green and should go into the landfill (blue) bin. anything that can contain a battery or a plug. Green bin lock. What Can’t go in your Green Bin: Meáin Náisiúnta Seirbhíse Poiblí na hÉireann. Some materials that might seem to belong in the green bin, like pizza boxes and egg cartons, are accepted as part of Recycle BC’s program. ... We need your consent to load this YouTube content We use YouTube to manage extra content that can set cookies … Put all personal hygiene products, used tissues, sanitary wipes (even those labeled compostable or flushable), paper towels, napkins, cleaning cloths, face masks, gloves, and similar items in plastic garbage bags and place securely in your garbage bin. The lock works like the keys to your house. If you’re still unsure if something goes in the green bin, play it safe and put it in the garbage. Inorganic materials like glass, metal and plastic can't be composted. Green Waste Recycle your yard trimmings and other greenwaste to keep it out of our landfills. Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect waste collection staff: Put organic waste in the green bin, but keep inorganic materials like glass, metal, and plastic out. The Green Bin program accepts many materials that can't be safely composted in a backyard composter including bones, meat, dairy, food oils, pet waste / kitty litter and more. The City’s Green Bin … Your black bin is for general rubbish that we can’t recycle including leftover food, plastic bags and wrappers, polystyrene, nappies and dog/cat poo.. Don’t put garden waste in your black bin. Premier Waste Recycling Ltd are based just off Dewsbury Road, and that’s where the contents of around 300,000 Leeds green bins are sorted. Grass clippings, any variety of grass can be placed in the green bin. If you don’t want to purchase liners, you may use newspaper or paper-based products to line the bottom of your green … What goes in the green bin? Not accepted: cooked foods, meats, coffee grounds, and fruit peels, etc. WHAT GOES IN MY BIN? Store your Green Bin Store your Green Bin in a garage, shed or somewhere away from direct sunlight. Keep it dry. We've listed all the materials in your home that can be recycled. The green can/organic waste recycling program includes the collection of most residential organic materials, including yard waste, food waste, paper and cardboard products. Double bag these items if you are sick or caring for someone who is sick. If you're not sure where to put an item, check What Goes Where. Food Soiled Paper – including paper towels, napkins, pizza boxes, greasy paper bags, milk cartons (with any plastic parts removed), wax paper and waxed cardboard. Kitty litter, dog feces and animal bedding is acceptable in the Green Bin program. We can recycle it! Plastic and plastic-lined bags, even the ones labelled "biodegradable" or "compostable," are not accepted at all local facilities as they can cause operational problems, may not break down properly during processing, and may contaminate the finished compost. KITCHEN SCRAPS ACCEPTED INCLUDE: All food scraps - including fruits, vegetables, meat, bones, & cheese. Note that only raw, unprepared fruit and vegetables are accepted in the green bin. RTÉ is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Please make sure that the approved liner bag can support its contents. As a precaution in response to COVID-19, please now dispose of all tissues, napkins, paper towels and feminine hygiene products in the garbage. Try layering your fruit and vegetable scraps with other green waste (lawn clippings, leaves etc). Polystyrene; Plastic bags and films If the operator identifies plastic bags or other non-compostable materials in the green bin, the entire load may be rejected and sent to landfill. Close to 800 tonnes of recyclable waste from Leeds households arrive there, each and every week, alongside recyclable waste from a couple of other local authorities. The materials are taken to our materials recycling facility in Huddersfield where they are sorted into individual material types and then they are sent to reprocessing plants to be made into new products. Regular coffee cups have a plastic liner so they can’t go in your green bin. In some local authorities, green bins are also used to contain unsorted municipal solid waste. Line Your Green Bin and Kitchen Catcher! Peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, chili pepper or hot sauce can act as anti-gnawing repellents and help deter animals from taking an interest in your green bin. Do not place any used personal hygiene or cleaning products in the green bin. Green bins and kitchen catchers have been delivered to residents in the first phase of the program, and collection began the week of April 6. If you have questions about a specific item, If it doesn’t rip easily, it’s probably made of plastic, and goes in the garbage. It really helps if you thoroughly rinse all items before placing them in your bin, as dirty or unsuitable items could contaminate the entire contents. If your tea bag tears easily when wet, it’s made of paper and can go in the green bin. Milk, Soup & Juice Cartons) a Plastics (E.g. If their bin contains wrong items on a second occasion their bin is seized and taken to a town centre waste depot.

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