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The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing. It would be advisable to brush them at that time, in order not to swallow too much of hair that is bad for their digestive system. This easy and cost saving alternative enables your lionhead to exercise. For example, for 4 rabbits it should be 4*5*lenght of each rabbit. This coating allows you to use a permanent marker or wet erase marker on them and still reuse them. Recent Posts . If this is your first lionhead rabbit you should take a look at our page that explains how to create their habitat. This is a great starter pack, since it includes all the basic things you need like a hay feeder, water bottle, feeding bowl and elevated feeding area. This is another best budget buy considering its price. Dimensions 42″ X 18″ X 21″ . Put some some toys in it. Therefore, you should always choose a full-bottom rabbit cage, preferably a plastic (which is easy to clean). They usually choose one place where they will be doing it and it’s pretty easy to train them. It has 4 universal wheels with brakes for easy transport in your house or apartment and a removable tray is included for quick cleaning. This indoor rabbit cage measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.7H . Repeat this a couple of days. Cage Signs Etc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to In this article, we will discuss guidelines and tips on how to take care of a lionhead rabbit, and ensure that it is kept in good health and mind at all times. The cage assembles using eight easy-to-use plastic clips, no tools required. A typical example of multiple level rabbit cage A rabbit Pen. Plus, it has a reasonable price. Housing Your Lionhead Rabbit. Besides having a traditional indoor cage you could also consider to buy or create a pen. If you decide to use a cage, it needs to be large enough to accommodate a food, water bowl, hay rack and a space where the rabbit can move (enough space where the rabbit can freely stretch). A Lionhead rabbit needs daily care Caring for your bunny requires you to make daily efforts in order to ensure their wellbeing. It has a platform and a ramp, as an extra room for exercise of the bunny. The enclosure should be wind-proof. It has a small platform and a place for hiding. Since, there are many products out there, selecting the best bedding for rabbits can be daunting endeavor. On the market there are different types of cages, from wooden, plastic to metal. The cage has a tubular steel stand with plastic base, for easier cleaning. In addition to the size, you must also look at the material the cage is made of. It can be made of plastic and wires or it can be an all wire one, where the top, the sides, and the floor are all made of wire mesh. It is backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty. The bunny would love to use the place under the platform as its own private space where it can hide. Lionhead rabbits can make great pets and bring you a lot of joy. Explore Now. Your rabbit's cage should have an area for it to bed down full of bedding, as well as a dish of food and a bowl of water. The rabbits are much more sensitive animals, which is why they must be given special attention. The Lionhead Rabbit is a relatively new rabbit breed within the United States of America. It is small indoor cage, especially ideal if you live in a small apartment and need a safe place to keep your rabbit. Besides keeping a lionhead indoor you could also choose to house your rabbit outdoor, it has some advantages and disadvantages. The cage needs to be washed and sanitized with an appropriate sanitizing agent on a regular basis. And so can your plants. Lionhead is a breed of domestic rabbit recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC) and by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Lionhead rabbit care outdoor. Besides providing fresh hay on a daily basis make sure … Rabbits do not have pads on their paws (such as dogs or cats). The cage needs to be large enough to accommodate: Ideally, the litter box should be placed off into one corner. Lionheads are active bunnies and need the space to play in. Keeping a rabbit as a pet requires a lot more care than dogs or cats, for example. There are a lot of accessories included with this rabbit cage, like 2 large water bottles, 2 hay feeders, 1 feeding bowl and a separate wire extension ideal for nesting. It has a platform and a ramp, so the rabbit can go up and down without being bored. You may need to additionally buy accessories like food bowl, water bottle and a hay holder. The cage needs to be washed and sanitized with an appropriate sanitizing agent on a regular basis. They have no scent, at least not what the human nose can feel. Like it or not, every rabbit owner sooner or later, must face the fact about rabbit chewing. Perfect indoor rabbit cage for starters. Aug 19, 2019 - Explore Michelle Rivas's board "Lionhead rabbit" on Pinterest. Unlike cats, rabbits can not digest, which can lead to serious health problems. Many people, before they decide to get a rabbit at their homes, are worried about the rabbit habits of going to the toilet. Rabbit Cage. Considering its dimensions Dimensions: 35.5″ x 21″ x 21″ . Lionhead rabbits and the rabbits in general are very clean animals, even cleaner than cats. Bath your rabbit only if it is very dirty or has soiled itself. Then, we cover these designs with a water-resistant coating. You can let Lionheads out of their cages for some extra exercise and fun playtime. We have done a detailed review of many indoor rabbit cages and in the next few minutes we are going to share our list of Top 15 indoor rabbit cages with you. Includes Aal accessories to get you started. Choose a safe, recycled brand of bedding or use a towel that is soft. Rabbits do not have pads on their paws (such as dogs or cats). Lionhead Rabbit Origin and History. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Measures 28″ Length X 17″ Wide X 15-1/2 Height – 1-Inch Bar Spacing. Beside that, a key feature of this rabbit cage is that the wire top opens easily in 2 separate parts for easy access inside the cage. Purchasing Your Lionhead Rabbit . Avoid wooden cages, although commercially available. The lionhead rabbit cage must not be a place where the bunny will feel like it is in jail, therefore it is important to try not to force the rabbit into entering or leaving the cage. This rabbit cage for indoor is not the second place of our list. They are fast learners. This is another great indoor rabbit cage, that does not take to much space. We’ve discussed the key things you need to know when looking after a Lionhead rabbit. The 4 removable wheels provide mobility. Lionhead Cage; Cage Bedding; Rabbit Breeds; ... Take a look at the best rabbit hutches we have carefully chosen for you. It has two doors for easy access and a durable plastic tray that can be easily removed for cleaning. It has a deep plastic base that prevents the bedding from scattering. Lionhead rabbits are adventurous, so they need a big cage to accommodate their endeavours. You need to make sure your Lionhead has plenty of toys and goodies so that they can lead a fruitful and happy life. Therefore, you should always choose a full-bottom rabbit cage, preferably a plastic (which is easy to clean). However its key feature is that you can expand the space with as many wire panels as you want, and make a perfect habitat for your pet rabbits for reasonable price. Its price makes this cage one of the best indoor rabbit cages for beginners. You will need to buy an enclosure large enough to allow free movement by your rabbit. A bad breeder will mean your rabbit won't have had the best start in terms of handling and socialization, and they may have an increased chance of … Do you want to know how to build a CHEAP DIY Rabbit Cage? Suitable for small breeds of rabbits like the dwarf rabbits. Finally, we highlight the importance of offering the Lionhead rabbit a sheltered place to rest and sleep. designs each sign with unique artwork. Taking care of a Lionhead rabbit is not very different from taking care of other rabbits. That will provide quick access inside the rabbit cage. You can use old boxes, baskets, snacks, toothbrushes, baby toys that can be pushed, wooden sticks, rolls of used toilet paper,  plastic bottles, old magazines etc. Altex Rabbit – A Brilliant Rabbit To Raise On Your Farm. Lionhead Rabbit Cage-Although the rabbits may spend their time outside the cage, chasing around the apartment, you will still need to provide them with their own private space. Although the breed had been imported around 1998, it was not until 2014 that the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) approved the Lionhead Rabbit as an officially recognized breed. They spend a good amount of time cleaning their fur. You will need to provide your rabbit a lot of toys he can chew on. Look for a cage that is constructed of plastic solid bottom and a wire-cut part that is easily removed. On the other hand, if you keep more than 1 rabbit and you are looking for a larger rabbit cage (or hutch) then be sure to check our review of the Best Indoor and Outdoor rabbit hutches. The size and type of wood shaving/chip needs to be taken into consideration in order to maintain healthy animals. Before moving to the next 12 indoor rabbit cages, lets understand what is important while choosing a indoor rabbit cage. If you are willing to spend some money for your little furry friend, then check our list of Best Toys for Rabbits. It features a ramp, platform and a place for hiding. This makes it convenient for them to have a softer ground under the paws and not a gird. As mentioned caring for your lionhead is a task that requires daily effort. Due to its small size it won’t require a lot of space. On the market there are different types of cages, from wooden, plastic to metal. If you want to teach the rabbit to get into the cage, you just have to put the rabbit in front of the door and if he/she does not want to do it, a good way is to push him gently with your hand and say “home”, “get in”, “sleep” or something similar. Make sure that you consider housing a rabbit indoor as well before making a final decision. It is easy for maintenance and features a 5.5″ deep base to contain litter and entire base of the rabbit cage detaches for cleaning . Having two doors, one on the top and one on the front for easy access , makes this a great cage. After you made up your mind whether you wish to keep your lionhead indoors or outdoors it is time to select the most suitable cage or enclosure. This indoor rabbit cage has a large inner space that features a platform. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'lionheadrabbitcare_com-box-3','ezslot_7',110,'0','0'])); The bigger the cage, the better. You will need to purchase a cage or hutch for your rabbit, whether you opt to keep it inside or outdoors. Periodic power washing or torching the wool off the wire needs to occur to prevent wool from blocking waste from dropping through the wire. The cage should be about 4 x 2 x 2 inches to make sure they have room enough for play. The most important daily task is to provide them with fresh water and large amounts of hay. This is the case whether your rabbit has a single mane or a double mane. It has reasonable price given that it features a balcony with an access ramp, hiding place for the rabbit, a water bottle (outside of the cage) a dish and a hay holder. If you do not allow rabbits to be busy all the time, they will find their own fun in the forms of your carpets, couches, armchairs and other furniture. It requires patience, love, and attention to keep them healthy and happy, but it also requires special attention to be given to their unique coat. This makes it convenient for them to have a softer ground under the paws and not a gird. Cages with solid bottoms will use wood shavings, wood chips, straw, etc. This is not a classic indoor rabbit cage, it is a playpen and it is DIY expandable. It does not requres any tools for assembling. This Living World Deluxe Habitat has an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, that provides a safe, well ventilated and comfortable place for your furry friend, provides everything you need for safely housing pet rabbits. However if you own a large rabbit breed like the Flemish giant for example, then consider getting rabbit hutch for indoor use since a normal rabbit cage will not work for the large breeds. Lionhead rabbits are special and unique animals. Rabbit bathing is not recommended because there is no need for it, that can be a shock for them. ... Lionshead rabbits are perfectly fine in a large cage or hutch, due to their smaller stature. It can comfortably house one rabbit. Although the rabbits may spend their time outside the cage, chasing around the apartment, you will still need to provide them with their own private space. The cage should be positioned in a place where there is not too much sun and most importantly near the family activities, as they are very social animals and do not like being left alone all day. The rabbit cage bedding you choose must meet certain criteria. Rabbit cages are the usual housing for pet rabbits. Lionheads are a small, compact rabbit that is instantly recognizable by the longer mane of fur around its head, giving it the resembling appearance of a Lion’s mane. There are numerous options, varying from large multi-level-cages to an outdoor rabbit run. Living World Deluxe Habitat at, MidWest Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit at Straw, sawdust or hornbeam can make good cage bedding. #2 Runner Up: Living World Deluxe Habitat It has large elevated feeding area. This hutch is easy to assemble and it comes with pre-drilled holes. Make sure that you go to a reputable breeder or rescue organization to find your Lionhead Rabbit. Lionhead Rabbits love hay and it serves as the main ingredient of their diet. But also, includes a wire door at the front for additional accessibility. However, the indoor rabbit cage you choose must meet certain criteria, The cage must be large enough so that the rabbit can move without any problem and stretch completely. The XXL Krolik Rabbit Cage in burgundy with the included wire extension measures 63.8L x 23.6W x 19.68H inches. Many believe Lionhead rabbits are a result of cross-breeding between Swiss Foxes and Belgian Dwarves. This XXL pet cage is an ideal choice to house two rabbits. Choosing the best indoor rabbit cage is very important for a proper development and a happy life of the bunny. Even though they are not in our top 3 best indoor rabbit cages list, the next 12 are the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your rabbits.

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